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Glass Scratch Repair

Scratch Repair

Our professional method of removing scratch damage from glass involves using a unique mechanical scratch removal and re-polishing system. 

Scratches are removed to the maximum depth using an electrical grinder and grinding compound. The opacity that occurs as a consequence of grinding is finely polished out to restore the glass surface to its maximum clarity. 

The materials employed are non-corrosive, non-hazardous and pose no health and safety risk. All of our equipment is CE approved and is regularly inspected to mandatory standards. 

Glass repair is the most cost effective way and repairing scratched glass can potentially save you hundreds of pounds compared to the replacement cost.

Glass Chip Repair

Chip Repair

Using the very latest technoligy, our technicians can remove chips from any type of laminated glass. 

The damaged area is first chemically cleaned.

Then the hole is injected with resin under high pressure, using an ultraviolet light the resin is cured and set. The damaged area is then polished to produce optical clarity of approximately 90% to 95% of the original glass.

This process produces a permanent and durable repair that is guaranteed for the life of the glass and repairs are carried out on-site for a fraction of the cost of replacement glass.

Using this process we can repair any type of laminated glass, including Patio Doors, Kitchen Worktops, Shop Fronts & Internal Glass Partitions etc.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal

One of the highest costs for business owners is shop front window vandalism. Vandals and so called taggers use acid etching, carbon tipped pens, razor knife blades, and various other tools to damage commercial shop front glass. These unsightly graffiti tags deter business and usually lead to even more vandal strikes if they are not removed quickly.

Sigma Glass Repair has the equipment to repair graffiti damage on your window glass and return your shop front to its original condition.

Glass Manifestation

Glass Manifestation

From May 2004 all doors and screens with full length glass must be fitted with glazing manifestations at two levels.

The first level must be between 850-1000mm and the second between 1400-1600mm from the ground.


The manifestations must also be a contrasting colour that is visible from both sides

Glass Filming, Anti Graffiti Filming, Security Filming

Glass Filming

Anti-Graffiti Film, Anti Glare Film, Security & Blast Film


Specially designed film provides protection to glazed and smooth surfaces that are vulnerable to vandalism.


Anti-Graffiti film acts as an invisible  and distortion free barrier on all glazed areas.  It can be easily removed and a new film quickly installed.

Angle Grind & Weld Spatter Damage

Angle Grind & Weld Spatter Damage 

We Can remove Grinder & Weld spatter common on many construction sites and repair at a fraction of the replacements costs.

Many only noticed during a builders clean up and can cost hundreds of pounds evn thousands depending on the damage involved. A simple call to us and we can have have the glass looking like new subject to approval and prior inspection.

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