Frequently asked questions about repairing scratched glass

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Q. I’ve been told that scratched glass can not be repaired and that my only alternative is to replace it?

A. We repair scratched glass week in week out. If you were told by a glazier that your scratched glass can’t be repaired then may be he doesn’t know it’s possible, then again may be he just wants to be able to sell you another piece of glass.  By replacing glass rather than repairing it costs companies thousands of pounds each year.

Q. What types of glass can you repair?

A. Toughened, laminated, tempered, float, plate, coloured, mirrored, curved, smart and even bullet proof glass (ballistic glass) can all be polished.  However we cannot repair textured glass or glass that has been coated or filmed without the coating or film first being removed.


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Q. Does glass polishing weaken the glass?

A. The glass has already been weakened by the scratch and although the repair will not make the glass stronger it will remove the stress from the damaged area.

Q:  Are you able to remove deep scratches and acid graffiti?

A.  We repair glass that has been acid etched, even glass with deeply scratched graffiti and consistently produce excellent results returning the glass to its original clarity.

Q. Can you remove hard water marks and mineral deposit stains from glass or fish tanks?

A.  Yes at Sigma Glass Repairs our technicians usie modern glass polishing techniques that can get the glass back to its original clarity.

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Q. I’ve heard that polishing glass causes distortion or haze?

A. With early methods of glass polishing this unfortunately was true but with some of the latest glass polishing systems such as our own we produce distortion / haze free results taking glass back to its original clarity.

Q. Can tinted glass be repaired?

A. Yes it can, repairing scratch damage doesn’t harm the tint; the glass is manufactured with the tint all the way through it.

Q. How much do you charge for repairing glass?

A. Each job has to be considered separately but we can save our customers up to 80% of the cost of buying new glass, its delivery and installation. Also there is the inconvenience of the delivery time for the glass, its installation and any redecoration to you and your customers. Contact us let us give you a free quotation then you can see how much you can save.


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Q. How is glass polishing green?

A. For every one ton of glass that is manufactured 1.65 tons of CO2 is produced. Why replace a whole window when you can repair just the small part that is damaged.  

Q. So how long does the process take?

A. That very much depends on the size of the job, every job is different. What we can say is that deep scratched graffiti will take longer to repair than a resurfacing job of the same size.

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